Links to various sources on Manx Cats

Read this in-depth C.F.A. Assoc. article on The Manx Cat – “the feline sports car of the cat world”

Manx Cat Gift Shoppe – Benefitting the American Manx Club, a non-profit affiliate club of the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA).

Manx Breed Profile – CFA

The Manx
Breed FAQ
– by Jean Brown, Paul Osmond, Marj Baker and Sam Cuttell.

CFA Breed Standard – For Manx

The “cabbit” – The fictional cat/rabbit crossbreed analyzed.

Bob-tailed and tailless Cats – Lengthy by S. Hartwell and her archive of
interesting cat articles.

Desert Lynx Links (no pun intended!)

Article on Desert Lynx Cats by David the Dogman (Spain)

Central Pets – Breed Info

Information on Desert Lynx & Highland Lynx Cats

General Links:


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